The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a little 7lb. rescue dog that ended up saving his owners life.
This is the story of the beloved little rescue dog named Mr. Monks. He was a loyal companion, an amazing pet and most importantly the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Mr. Monks “aka” Monkey, Monks, Monka, The Sweet Monk was 7 lbs. of pure and unbridled joy. He was what is known as a Griffonshire which is a Brussels Griffon mixed with a Yorkshire terrier. He was rescued on Valentine’s Day 2015 by Ring Dog Rescue, a pitbull rescue in Richmond, Virginia, when he was a mere 6 years old.

A person may have many dogs come and go in and out of their life but Mr. Monks was indeed a special one. He and his owner, Dawn Blair forged a deep bond quite similar to that of a mother and a child. He was her constant companion, her little shadow and quite literally her entire world. For he was the one that helped her make it through the most difficult time in her life. A time in her life that was filled with turmoil, change and unfortunate health problems.

The bond that Mr. Monks and his owner shared was proven to be both a blessing and a curse because although the love they shared was one which comes along maybe once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, the pain felt upon his exit was almost too much to bare.

We all want our pets to live forever or at least as long as we do but as we all know, that is usually not the way it happens. The loss of a pet is sometimes the greatest loss one will ever bare especially when the relationship is so very special like that of Mr. Monks and his owner Dawn.

Me and Mr. Monks is a funny, unforgettable tribute to a wonderfully, precious little soul that changed a woman’s life and showed her what unconditional love truly meant.